Ratings :4/5

Story: A thriller where the audience will get into the dilemma as to who is the MURDERER??? Thriller stories are to be told on the SILVER SCREEN.

Analysis: Our Tollywood actor B.srinivas has finally selected one of the best script and has given a 100% justice too his character. Rakshasudu is remake of Tamil hit movie Ratsasan. The movie is gripping and will make you feel a sense of adrenaline rush as the movie goes on.There are multiple murders going on in the city and the murderer is only leaving a doll as the clue. Will the actor be able to crack it?Is Anupama(actress ) in danger?Who is the child with Anupama? Is the unknown voice on Phone the real murderer??? The movie will make you question, think ,solve ,but answer? Will it be correct?

Highlights :

  • Execution and Screenplay
  • Bellamkonda Srinivas
  • Gibhran’s BGM

Lowlights: Nothing specific

Verdict : GO & Watch Rakshasudu on Big Screen


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