Story: The true story of ISRO india accomplishing the mission to reach the MARS by group of scientists who overcome their professional and personal tribulations.


Rakesh Dhawan ,a senior scientist who always strives to make ISRO raise bar,teams up with fellow scientists to form the Mangalyaan.The team includes Project director Vidya Balan, Propulsion controller Sonakshi Sinha, Navigation and Communication Scientist Tapsee Pannu and satellite designer Nitya Menon.The first half mainly concentrates on problems faced by the scientists at ISRO as they fail in the first attempt of launching GSLV satellite.Akshay with an optimistic mindset tells the crew that there is no science without an experiment .Then a new team starts teaming up.The next half then is all about how the determined scientists under Rakesh Dhawan succesfully accomplish the project by overcoming their professional tribulations.All the actors are given a good screen time.


Director Jagan Shakti execution of the story is truly inspiring.The dialogues are situational and gives goosebumps when it goes parallel with the scenes.

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